Poster Presentation Abstract

Title: An Example of a Quantitative/Environmental Exposure Database – An Information Resource

Author: John W. Spencer

Presented at: AIHce 1999, Toronto, ON

The meetings and conversations surrounding the need for building occupational exposure databases have been substantial. The Proceedings of the Conference on Occupational Exposure Databases, (Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Vol. 10, Number 4, 1995) and the Joint American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists – American Industrial Hygiene Association Task Group for Occupational Exposure Databases, were both examples of significant efforts in determining database attributes and configuration. The purpose of the database we developed was to provide the occupational and environmental health professional an information resource for better assuring compliance, developing risk assessment and risk management strategies, and providing a resource for research. The database utilized the Internet as the infrastructure for accessibility, and the user interface was developed with Microsoft Visual BasicTM and MS AccessTM as the relational database. Industrial Hygiene professionals select and review peer reviewed literature, government sponsored studies and other publicly available information. The web-based site is dynamic, where exposure data is added to the site daily. Historical and contemporary data are included in the site, which includes many diverse workplace and ambient exposure values. All exposure data is reviewed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist. The database attributes were based on the recommendations made by the Joint ACGIH-AIHA Task Group and other fields considered important. Data can be searched by key words, agent, occupational group, facility type, and the standard industrial classification code, on-line. Photographs and other images of various workplace environments are linked to exposure data records for review and printing. Relevant historical and contemporary written documents can be viewed and downloaded. These documents are also linked to specific exposure records. Such quantitative exposure data in the form of an easy to use database allows the industrial hygiene professional to apply more information to their often-complex risk management responsibilities.

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