Presentation Abstract

Title: Airborne Concentrations of Petroleum-Based Solvent Components During Parts Washing Operations

Authors: Sarah Canter and John W. Spencer

Presented at: AIHce 2000, Orlando, FL

Petroleum-based solvents are used in a number of industries for cleaning or degreasing small parts. As petroleum is constituted of many different chemicals, there is a potential for employee exposure to a number of chemicals as well as total hydrocarbons. Because of this potential, air monitoring was performed on individuals using these solvents in parts washing sinks in a variety of workplaces while these solvents were used under standard work practice conditions. The workplaces evaluated included automobile service stations, a train repair facility, truck repair facilities, and various industrial work environments. Chemical exposures evaluated included mineral spirits, toluene, and xylene. Personal breathing zone and area monitoring was performed using standard OSHA and NIOSH sampling and analytical methods. The results of this sampling indicated no exposures above OSHA Permissible Exposure Levels.

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