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PEP profilesProduct Evaluation Profiles (PEP)

Do you know what exposures can result from the use of your product? If not, then you should consider an Environmental Profiles Product Evaluation Profile.

Environmental Profiles, Inc. has an established track record for conducting evaluations of personal exposure potential for a variety of products used by consumers in both industrial and non-industrial environments.

We believe a thorough exposure evaluation is of great value to our clients, initial product consumers, and others potentially affected by contact throughout the life-cycle of the product. Profiles are prepared by an experienced staff, including Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Hazardous Material Managers, Toxicologists and Environmental Engineers.

Contact at (410) 740-9600 to learn more.

Why Establish a Product Evaluation Profile?

What Are the Elements of a Product Evaluation Profile?


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